House Rules

Rule Zero is in effect.
I don’t fake die rolls and I don’t make any major changes to the rules without telling everyone ahead of time. However I do tweak costs, ignore modifiers, and tinker with the rules as I see fit to deliver the most fun. Feel free to point out an error that would screw you over but I reserve the right to do it anyway. If you’re going to insist on tournament legal adventures then I’m not the DM for you.

You will not be punished for missing a session. D&D requires a pretty large time commitment to begin with and there is nothing to be gained by creating a disincentive to return after an absence. If you miss a session your character will be “written out” of those scenes but you will receive full combat XP as if you had participated. I will still give out RP rewards on an individual basis, however.

Party Conflict
Inter-party conflict is fine so long as all players involved understand that it is just part of the game and agree to it. No one-sided vendettas. If there is a problem between players come to me and I will mediate a sit down. We’re all here to have fun and seething over a misunderstanding or personality conflict isn’t fun, especially for me.

Character Death
I am not a killer DM by any means but your characters will not be invincible heroes protected by destiny. They can die from bad decisions or just bad luck from a roll of the dice. I will try to make character deaths uncommon and heroic but sometimes a kobold gets lucky and I’m okay with that.

Spell Changes
Greater Teleport is now an 9th level spell for Sorcerer/Wizard/Witch/Cleric and no longer part of the summoner’s spell list.

Lost Magic
8th and 9th level spells cannot be easily bought nor spellcasters easily hired to cast spells of those levels. You must track down specific spells or spellcasters in order to access them. You can still gain spells on levelling up as normal. No spell is banned but some are harder to acquire than others. For example, to acquire Prismatic Wall you might just have to track down an eccentric Wizard but to acquire Wish you might need to travel the planes to find a Rakshasa willing to trade it for a favor.

House Rules

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