Human Ethnicities

Pelisian (peh-lee-shun or peh-lee-see-un)
Ancestors of Pelias that fled the Doom to start their civilization again on Cirinnia. Though concentrated in the new Empire of Pelias you can still find Pelisians in all their former territories from Issilia west to Olmay and the southern coast of the Westernesse. Pelisians are on average taller than other humans on Cirinnia (6’0" on average) with thin straight hair that is usually black, but amongst the noble lines it is often dirty blonde or even platinum. They have black brown skin and a variety of facial features from interbreeding with other humans. Their eyes are mostly gold with specks of green and brown.

Example Names: Basil Stavros, Ignatius Tzimisces, Tiberius Kokinos, Honoria Megalos, Vesta Comnenus.

Gedric (gehd-rick)
The humans of the southern plains of Cirinnia and were once slaves to the giants and cyclopes that ruled that land. Today They make up the Kingdom of Hawksmoor with large minorities found everywhere in the Eastlands. Medium height (5’10’ average) with round features over straight strong jawlines. Their hair is usually brown to blonde with a ruddy complexion. Green and brown eyes are the most common but blue is not rare.

Example Names: Elric Seventrees, Geoffrey Baker, Roland Hartsgrove, Allison Cooper, Matilda Smith

Heimar (high-mar)
Meaning “hill men” they are the humans that dwelled on the northern side of the Tarrasque mountains from before the Doom of Pelias. Today they are most common in Belgarde, Dol Cairn, and Ostia. Tall and wide like the mighty pines among which they make their homes (6’0” on average). They have broad faces and squared features topped with bushy blonde or red hair. Their eyes are most often blue or grey with occasional green and they have pale skin.

Example Names: Anders Reinhardson, Friedrich Alaricson, Wilhelm Ulfricson, Emma Berthadotter, Mathilda Fridadotter

Markovy (marr-coe-vee)
The “people of the marches” are humans who come from west of the Briarwood and have settled the Westernesse and Reynes. Enclave of them still exist in the west and are popular targets for Hobgoblin slavers. On the shorter side of medium height(an average of 5’9”), shaggy black or brown hair, olive complexion, with round faces and sharp features around brown eyes.

Example Names: Piotyr Krupin, Stanislaw Petrov, Vladimir Orlov, Elsa Kovac, Katrina Radic,

Qalish (kwah-lish)
The southern cousins of the Markovy they lived as tribal nomads in the southern steppes rather than create cities in the north. Though once a free and numerous people they have largely been conquered or exterminated by the Hobgoblin Khanate. They are known for their copper brown skin tone, curly black hair, and brown eyes. Qalish stand at medium-short height (an average of 5’5") with broad flat features.

Example Names: Ruga of the Fighting Rams , Garush of the Crimson Falcons, Satik of the Lost Feathers, Tamara of the Black Horses, Zhannet of the Fanged Lions

Little is known of the mysterious men of Zand, a large island nation in the far west. Outside of their island they wear enchanted masks that not only hide their faces but protect them from magics that would expose the secrets of their homeland. They have an almost ant-like sense of community and devotion to their people, going as far as regularly sacrifice their lives for the protection or advancement of their ethnic enclaves. They guard their language carefully and have been known to commit suicide under interrogation rather than expose any information.

Underneath their enchanted masks they are all albinos with white hair and bone white skin. Most other humans consider this an evil omen but there is no trace of devilry in the Zand heritage. It is believed that this is why they wear masks when travelling abroad, to avoid the discrimination of others. Their eyes are various shades of purple from deep indigo to light violet and they are of short stature (an average of 5’3")

Example Names: Abhiru, Dhupala, Rasesh, Desna, Nisha

Ethnicities in Play
After centuries of interbreeding most Humans you meet will have a mix of features from each of these ethnic groups but noble families tend to display the epitome of each group. In addition, while common is spoken everywhere you can still find Markovy spoken in the marches, Gedric in Hawksmoor, etc. The local languages never died out and most humans are at least bilingual. This means humans automatically gain one additional language at character creation associated with their chosen ethnicity.

Human Ethnicities

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