In addition to these languages from the srd the following languages exist in this campaign setting.

When you create a Human character select one of these languages in addition to whatever languages your class or intelligence grants you. Choose according to where your character is from or grew up. If need be, roll 1d6 and on a 1-High Pelisian, on a 2-Low Pelisian, on a 3-Gedrian, on 4-Heimar, 5-Markovy, and on a 6-Barazhad.

High Peliasian (peh-lee-shun or peh-lee-see-un)
The language of the ancient Peliasian Empire before The Doom and still spoken by the few survivors of the sunken continent.

Low Peliasian (peh-lee-shun or peh-lee-see-un)
The language of modern Pelias, a degeneration of High Peliasian with elements of other human languages.

Markovy (marr-coe-vee)
The language of the humans of the eastlands and Westernesse Marches.

Heimar (high-mar)
The language of humans of the Eastlands and north of the Tarrasque Mountains.

Gedric (gehd-rick)
The Language of humans of the Eastlands and south of the Tarrasque Mountains.

Qalish (kwah-lish)
The language of the horsemen of the western steppes.

The secret language of the Masked Men of Zand.

The language of the Janni Caliphate and the Planetouched(Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, & Uddine).


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