Minor Races

Aasimar in Cirinnia are the offspring of angels or other good outsiders who fall in love with mortals. Tales of the occasional aasimar are not uncommon but the Great War has left more of them in the Eastlands than ever before in recorded history. They are still rare compared to other races but it’s no longer considered a miracle for them to be born.

The Planetouched (Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, and Undine)
The planetouched are descendants of human slaves or subject of the Janni Caliphate of Ketheret. The powerful genies who rule there live a life of decadence and it wasn’t long before they turned to humans as objects of pleasure. The Janni are made up of all four elements, unlike their brother genies, and so the planetouched born from their unions with humans could be imbued with any element. Since then the planetouched pass on this random elemental affinity to children born with humans the population of Ketheret has become predominantly Planetouched.

Vampires have always been a threat lurking in streets of the big cities or hiding in plain sight in country manors but with the devastation of the great war more have been reported or suspected than ever, growing out from the north of the Westernesse. Some say it’s a secret invasion from Valdavia and others say it’s just the rats crawling out of the rubble. And without exception wherever vampires go they leave behind the dhampirs.

Ask me first before choosing one of the below races as they will face additional roleplaying challenges.

Tiefling, being the result of a union between an evil outsider like a demon of devil with a human, are found in areas of less constrained by the tenets of the good aligned gods. Most Tieflings hail from Valdavia which has fully embraced worship of the evil gods in an attempt to protect themselves from the hobgoblin Khans. Tieflings can also be found in places where the constraints on magical experimentation are loose like Bregios or Numbria. No matter where they are from they are universally shunned by the good races of the Eastlands. They are rarely put to death on site but are subject to intense scrutiny from the local law and known to arouse lynch mobs. In the dark days since the Great War fewer places can afford to turn away paying customers, no matter their heritage.

The ratfolk are considered a tolerated nuisance by most humans. They are in every major city with their filthy enclaves of trash and pawned goods. In the countryside they are relatively rare but for the occasional brigand group that was forced to leave the cities. So most country folk don’t have a good opinion of Ratfolk, but they don’t treat them like monsters.

The Tengu are renowned as traders in information and though strange are considered a common sight in the cities. Moderate human settlements tend to ghetto the Tengu and Ratfolk together but in larger cities each has their own enclave and rarely interact. While the Ratfolk buy used trinkets the Tengu buy secrets, favors, and debts. Alongside halflings they make up one of the biggest organized crime factions in any given city. Outside of the city Tengu tend to be nature loving and wary of strangers, preferring to built communities deep in the woods or high in the mountains away from human farms.

Minor Races

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