The Gods

The gods are worshiped everywhere across the world under different names and guises. These are the only gods, though some localities have their own patron exarchs, angels, demons, or devils that they pray to as well but they receive no powers from these prayers.

The gods are divided between the good and evil pantheons with three gods of neutrality. The gods of neutrality do not take on the guise of other races or seek out worshipers, they are elements of nature itself but still grant powers to those that uphold the balance they represent. The evil gods are each diametric opposites of one of the good gods. Eruth, goddess of the harvest is opposed by Vanthea, goddess of famine, for instance. The gods of neutrality believe that neither can be allowed to triumph over the other lest it bring destruction and disorder to the natural world.

Below are the gods listed under their names in common.

The Good Pantheon

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains
Elberantyr LG Protector of the weak and father of mankind.
Law, Good, Nobility, Healing, Strength
Eruth LG Goddess of the harvest and plenty. Law, Good, Plant, Animal, Weather
Regmar LG God of the forge and father of the dwarves. Law, Good, Artifice, Protection, Rune
Auriel NG Goddess of trade and travel. Good, Community, Artifice, Travel, Charm
Isuthia NG Goddess of magic, wisdom, and prophecy. Good, Knowledge, Rune, Magic, Destruction
Thalion NG God of art and artistry. Father of the elves. Good, Artifice, Charm, Healing, Trickery
Mara CG Goddess of mercy. Chaos, Good, Healing, Protection, Repose
Qarn CG God of honor and glory in battle. Chaos, Good, Strength, War, Nobility
Sirona CG Goddess of freedom and luck. Mother of halflings. Chaos, Good, Liberation, Trickery, Luck

The Neutral Gods

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains
Solaris LN The pitiless sun. God of Law & Order. Law, Sun, Fire, Glory, Nobility
Nyssa N The endless sea. Goddess of nature. Plant, Animal, Earth, Water, Air
Laeranna CN The moon herself, Goddess of death. Chaos, Glory, Darkness, Repose, Death

The Evil Pantheon

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains
Tytherion LE God of tyranny, father of the cyclopes and giants. Law, Evil, Magic, Fire, Charm
Vanthea LE Goddess of famine. Law, Evil, Plant, Animal, Earth
Faluntur LE God of plague, sickness, and the undead. Law, Evil, Air, Death, Scalykind
Terrok NE God of conquest, father of goblinoids. Evil, Destruction, Fire, Strength, War
Sarliss NE God of greed and gluttony. Father of gnolls. Evil, Magic, Strength, War, Knowledge
Serpentus NE Serpent goddess of deceit and lies. Mother of the Yuan-Ti. Evil, Charm, Knowledge, Darkness, Scalykind
Tharthule CE The mad god of nightmares. Chaos, Evil, Madness, Void, Darkness
Khazan CE Trickster goddess of anarchy and storms. Patron of the Drow. Chaos, Evil, Madness, Weather, Trickery
Marghila CE Bloodthirsty goddess of slaughter. Mother of Orcs. Chaos, Evil, Destruction, War, Strength

The Gods

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